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Hi! I'm Angie. I'm a mom to five fantastic kids, have been married to my high school sweetheart for 19 years, and am currently planning a new business. My passions are numerous, and include fitness, family, food, and fun! Thanks for stopping by!

Dandelion in Seed?

This is Kyle, my now 5 year old. I took this photo a few years back, after he had been bouncing on the trampoline. 🙂 You just can’t plan a photo like this.

Morning Beauty

Our recent vacation to Florida was not as sunny and warm as our trip two years ago, but I still managed to snap some great sunrise photos. I look forward to printing and framing a few for the wall. I don’t care how tired I am on vacation, I always drag myself out of bed to catch the sunrise. Spending carefree time with family is first on my list of reasons that I love vacation, and second is watching the sunrise each morning. The smell, the sounds, the sight, not much beats it. I know the ocean can be a destructive force, but standing on the shore I feel so amazing. Even when I was just a teenager, I remember having the same feeling. Maybe it is the fact that the ocean is so vast, and I am so small, that all my worries or cares pale in comparison. It is as though time stands still for a moment as I soak in the natural beauty of my world.

Just a Regular Day

Today started early, as every school day does. Up at 5:30, and off to the gym. Yuck! Don’t get me wrong, I love to work out, but this whole 5:30 trip to the gym is getting old. It is so hard to pull my aching body out of bed with the reward being a seemingly infinite walk up an artificial set of stairs. But, I do it because I can’t find another time of day that works better. I cannot(or, will not) go to the gym at 5 pm, as it is so busy I feel like I am swallowing the perspiration of the person next to me every time I take a breath. Too close for comfort for this girl! So, 5:30 it is. I get it done, and am glad I did. After, that is.

Then, in the door, and the lunch making extravaganza begins! So, my second activity is also not my favorite. I will say it is more fun when I have just grocery shopped, and I have all the best items at my grasp. The worst days are the ones where I never got to go shopping, and I am trying to figure out what I can put in the lunches that is not canned or withered(poor kids). I try to keep those days to a minimum. Of course, I could not send money for my kids to buy lunches, as their precious palates can’t handle those horrendous meals, or so they think. Anyhow, in a fury of baggies and butter knives the lunches get made. Phew!

Once that mess is made, I get to braid hair, sign school papers, and pour cereal. With the mess at a new level, the kids, one by one, head out the door for school, except for the little guy. He gets to rule the roost for the majority of the day. I may get a shower at this point, though the darned perfectionist in me feels a tug toward the vacuum cleaner and hand print covered sliding door. I have been working on ignoring that ever so annoying little voice, but progress is slow. Nonetheless, there has been progress, and the shower comes first most days. That is good for me, and those that may knock at my door. Ha!

Most days I don’t have much of an agenda, but today I had a doctor’s appointment, or so I thought. I should never trust that I remember something correctly, because whenever I do that, I am wrong. Kind of like today, or you could say, exactly like today. I thought things looked a little dark at the office. Yup, closed. So, I pop on my phone for a quick calendar check, sure, it’s tomorrow. I cannot tell you how many times I have done that. I will do it again. I am pretty sure that is not what is meant by positive thinking, but I am positive it will happen. Oh well, it got me out early, so I made the best of it and ran some errands. The little guy was happy too. He got a chocolate sucker and a trip to the library. That kind of thing usually earns me his “Best mom ever” title, gotta love that kid.

The rest of the day was a pretty typical day, with a little cooking, cleaning, and family time. I had coffee with a friend in the afternoon, which was a nice change of routine. I also started this blog, which is something I have been planning to do for a while. I had a little down time, so figured “What the heck, I’ll just do it.”. So I did.

Now, here I sit, finishing up my first post, with my little guy bouncing next to my chair saying ” I like you Mommy”. It’s been a regular day, and a good day.  I hope I made you chuckle, because life is funny. At least it can be. Honestly, despite the repetitive nature of my days, I really love what I do. I have begun to look at things from a more relaxed place, in order to better enjoy my life, because I have a good life. I really do. It’s a lot of work, and I am worn out each day. But, one day I will miss this. I don’t want to live thinking that I get to really live and enjoy life when I reach that certain point, where all work is done and everything is in its place. That time will not exist, so I need to live now, and live in the moment now. I need not compare my life to yours, hers, or the wealthy family up the street. That can be easier said than done, and requires effort. I likely will never love washing that sliding glass door every other day, or changing the toilet paper roll in multiple bathrooms, knowing my kids are totally capable of such a task. What is so hard about that anyway? Is that a universal problem? That said, I appreciate the fact that I get to be here, and will make the most of each day. That is the goal.

My Favorite Place

The ocean is such a magical place for me. It brings a feeling of peace to my soul. I never miss a sunrise on vacation. It is one of the most beautiful sights one can experience. Just looking at this photo is soothing, don’t you think?