Morning Beauty

Morning Beauty

Our recent vacation to Florida was not as sunny and warm as our trip two years ago, but I still managed to snap some great sunrise photos. I look forward to printing and framing a few for the wall. I don’t care how tired I am on vacation, I always drag myself out of bed to catch the sunrise. Spending carefree time with family is first on my list of reasons that I love vacation, and second is watching the sunrise each morning. The smell, the sounds, the sight, not much beats it. I know the ocean can be a destructive force, but standing on the shore I feel so amazing. Even when I was just a teenager, I remember having the same feeling. Maybe it is the fact that the ocean is so vast, and I am so small, that all my worries or cares pale in comparison. It is as though time stands still for a moment as I soak in the natural beauty of my world.


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